Engaging Young People (EYP) Workshop

Engaging Young people (EYP) is a modern workshop for faculty members and administrators to entertain & enlighten students in the age of global multi-media. 


Why students don't attend class?

It is a generally observed pattern that students of higher education don’t attend classes regularly. This trend is causing serious worries among Academic Administrators, Faculty Members and Parents. Society, in general, is concerned about quality of would-be-graduates. Obviously there are several key factors applicable for this state. A survey conducted at Cambridge-MIT Institute provides some insights.


Need for training in "Engaging Young People (EYP)"

When "quality of the lecture", "usage of relevant examples" and "ability to engage and entertain" is the most important criteria to attend a class, then it clearly implies that faculty members and administrators need to possess skills in "Engaging Young People" or Students. In addition, a faculty member/administrator should have clear understanding of how developments in internet/World-Wide-Web and e-Learning have impacted higher-education environment and its classroom sessions.

To ensure uniform class standard across faculty members and administrators, any institute of higher learning should impart skills in "Engaging Young People" through a workshop/training conducted by a qualified vendor with the objective to enable fresh and not so experienced faculty members and administrators with required context, approach and skills to engage young people (students) to improve class attendance and there by overall student performance.

Who should attend the EYP Workshop? 

  • Faculty members and administrators responsible for conducting and management of classes and institutions.

  • The EYP Workshop is highly recommended for fresh and not so experienced faculty members and administrators

  • The EYP Workshop is optional for highly experienced faculty members and administrators 

Engaging Young People (EYP) Workshop Sessions

To conduct an exciting and productive course, faculty members and administrators must continually work on inspiring students to become passionate and driven learners.

To help faculty members and administrators to meet this objective, the STPL workshop through interactive and activity oriented sessions explains, challenges and context of modern teaching, importance of syllabus and first classes, how to set and find tune classroom atmosphere and manage various interactions and also show how to manage relationships with students beyond classroom. In addition, details of teaching options created by global multi-media technologies will be covered.

Program Highlights

  • Innovative (first of its kind in India) workshop that provides definitive intelligence and insights in capabilities required to perform well in a faculty member or academic administrator role

  • The program will be conducted by Specialists, from industries and institutes, having graduation/post-graduation degrees from premier institutes and decades of world-class experience 

Each logical module of the workshop is a combination of conceptual-lectures, activities/exercises, videos, role-play, anecdotes-from industry and Q&A along with feedback collection and performance checks


  • STPL EYP workshop covers all aspects of conducting classes in an effective way and contains the distilled wisdom. When operationalized, the workshop helps to improve faculty and administrator efficiency and in turn organizational efficiency

  • Participants would be able to work assertively to move up in career via fast-track

 High practical value that transforms the personality not only for an academic role and successful career but also for a great life.

Program Duration 

  • Normally 8hours

  • A detail workshop can be conducted for 16 hours 

Open for program customization as per needs of the organization in terms of modules and training hours

Program Guide

A team of Industry Specialists