Personality Enabling &Transformation (PET) Program

Key Objective
Help Program Students to get employment or progress to next level in the career by complimenting the core skills with a value added soft skills and management training based on industry experience and requirements
Program Agenda
In this program the following modules will be covered: Self, Communication, Team, Aptitude, Culture, Customer, Organization, Quality, Business and Work modules


Recommended Audience

  • Final year Engineering students from any branch of engineering graduation course
  • Students from Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course
  • Students from Master of Technology/Engineering (M. Tech/E) course
  • Students from Master of Business Administration (MBA) course
  • Graduates looking for jobs
  • Newly inducted employees from campus

Why PET Program is required for Students?

  • Modern businesses and organizations operate in a global environment demanding to meet requirements for a range of customers, work across countries/continents in all time-zones, with multi-cultural teams that are multi-lingual, using many techniques/ technologies.
  • This business setting creates a complex work environment requiring much more than technical skills in an engineering discipline acquired through a university graduation course like B. E. or B. Tech. Consequently, organizations are seeking students with specific attitude, aptitude and soft-skills-set to offer employment in a given area
  • At present, these complex challenges are being treated as a simple soft skills problem by some solution providers and are proposing a basic soft skills training as the solution. In fact modern business environments require capabilities of evolved and applied soft-skills not just basic soft skills
  • Leaders of Step-up Technologies understand complex challenges posed by modern business and organizations precisely through their extensive work with Global Business Corporations and Organizations and have created the PET Program to empower students with requisite capabilities to gain the right employment and achieve success in career
  • The Institute also benefits by increasing its brand image for conducting value added programs and providing an opportunity for students to seek qualified and insightful guidance


Program Highlights

  • Innovative (first of its kind in India) program that provides definitive intelligence and insights in Seven Capabilities required to gain the right employment & succeed in career
  • The Program will be conducted by Functional and Technical Specialists, from Information Technology and related industries, having graduation/post-graduation degrees from premier institutes and many years of world-class experience
  • Each logical module of the Program is a combination of conceptual-lectures, activities, role-play, anecdotes- from industry and Q&A along with feedback collection and performance checks
  • Personality Enabling and Transformation (PET) Program enables students to enhance their skills in a fast mode concentrating mainly on their personality development and excel in campus placements


  • Gain essential management skills to face employment interviews confidently
  • Work assertively after joining an organisation to move up in career via fast-track
  • High practical value that transforms the personality not only for the right employment and successful career but also for great life


  • This program is estimated to take around 40 to 80 training-hours depending on the course version selected
  • A customised schedule can be arrived based on institutional requirements and logical coverage of Seven Capabilities

Program Guide

A team of Industry Specialists