Analytics Solutions

Analytics Solutions 

Analytics helps organizations to identify trends and patterns so that leadership / management can expect and profile events and advance results. It helps to increase top-line growth and control costs, and also recognise risks that could ruin initiatives - and take corrective action, well in time. Analytics can:

  • Enable employees in all roles todiscover and interrelate information forprovidingdefinitive intelligence and insights to others with respect to strategy, governance, risk, compliance and financial performance
  • Optimize all decisions - whether they're made by individuals or are implanted in automated systems
  • Advance business results and manage risk, now and later

A significant number of STEP-UP partners are experts who have worked for Fortune Global 500 corporations in data related IT areas like file structures, databases, data warehouse/data mart, big data, data mining, business intelligence, reports and data quality. This makes us uniquely qualified to resolve any analytics related challenges.

Indicative List of Available Solutions/Services & Trainings:

  • Advisory Services: For activities of analytics solution implementation life-cycle, tools selection, vendor selection, trouble shooting, data quality assurance and acceptance of implemented system etc.
  • Need Based Training: On-demand training as per needs of Management Team, End-Users, and Consultants
  • Design, Build, Test, Rollout & Maintain: Part or full Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence systems 


  • Consultants with decades of experience in multiple-productshoned at multi-national companies
  • Configurable standard frameworks and tools and fully equipped data centres to ensure service on time
  • Pricing by Indian RemunerationStandards (not developed country standards)
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