After several decades of years of exposure in various technologies, domains, the leadership team has designed innovative and first of its kind programs for the benefit of students, professionals, colleges, institutes and organizations. All our programs are role oriented (like, Developer, Designer, DBA, Architect, Manager, etc.) wherein our expert faculty would tone the trainees for a particular role that the trainee would fit in.

The ‘Role Oriented Training & Internship (ROTI) Program' is an employment booster course for the fresher's and to move on to the next level for the working professionals. This has been designed and developed by the experts in their respective domain areas for all the roles that we are offering.

At STPL, we do not train just for a skill like DotNet or Oracle 11g R2 Database, but for a role like Developer (Programmer). We believe playing a role is multi-dimensional whereas knowing a tool is one-dimensional. After decades of multinational IT experience, extensive research and discussions, we believe that a role is twelve dimensional 

For example our "Developer Role" training involves training in the following areas or dimensions.

  • Technology Expertise: Say one set of technologies like DotNet & SQL SERVER.
  • Application Architecture - Say Web and applicable standards like MVC3.
  • Engineering & Functional Technique - Say details of applicable algorithms.
  • Role: Importance of a developer and his/her position in the company.
  • Business-Domain Knowledge: Basic business knowledge applicable in a given area like BFSI. For example finance applications deal with money. Hence development focus is on accuracy of the values.
  • Delivery Processes & Standards:  Knowledge of development process like Agile/ISO 9000 or other applicable process like CMM.
  • Work Management: How to manage development scope, estimate coding and test time (effort), Cost it may incur, risks involved in using new technology or techniques, deliverable like unit tested code and test plan / test cases and test data.
  • Customer Relationship: Importance and how to work with a customer team member.
  • Communication Skills: Body Language, Listening, Oral (Inter-personal communication), Written (Program Spec and Test Plan/Cases), Representation.
  • Cultural Awareness - Customer, Employer, Partner, Global and Local.
  • Organizational Context: Goals, Structure, Governance, Leadership, Compliances, Ethics, Social Responsibility, Team Dynamics, Engagement Charter.
  • Competition & Trends: Details about competition and latest trends in .Net & SQL SERVER technologies.

Hence, our training program for DotNet and SQL SERER Developer role encompasses not just DotNet & SQL SERVER skills but a lot more aspects required to ready trainees' / employees for the real challenges in a typical organizational scenario.

Who should attend the ROTI Program?

  • Final year students or fresh engineering / MCA / MBA graduates or not so experienced professionals who are looking for suitable employment and employment support, if required
  • Experienced professionals looking to take-on the next-level role 

Roles for which this program is available now

Functional Analyst, Designer, Developer, Tester, DBA, Architect, and Project/Program/Senior Manager


  • Gain employment or promotion as per organizational situation and trainee's capability
  • Work confidently after joining an organization to move up in career via fast-track
  • High practical value that transforms the personality not only for the right Employment or successful career but also for a great life 


This is a full course with lectures and labs sessions. It is expected to take 3 to 6 month depending on course options selected and learning curve of trainees. 

The role oriented programs is unique and first of its kind of programs and we have specialized trainers who are experts in those roles. These trainers would emphasize and train in various aspects of work management, customer relationship, communication skills, culture awareness, organizational context and latest trends in market pertaining to the specific role. We will also provide detailed trainings on technology with respect to the role, explaining application architecture, technology, techniques, role profile, domain knowledge and delivery processes and standards. These work modules are so comprehensive that at the end of the training, the trainee would be benefitted and they can expect a complete transformation with respect to the skills they possess pertaining to the role that they are trained on.

These courses are completely customizable and based on the needs of the trainees the weight-age will be given to each of the work modules, so that the trainee can get trained only on those skill sets which they need to improvise for enhancing their career growth.

For the colleges and institutes preparing for placements, we can offer courses by doing a fit gap analysis of their students and then recommend the courses to the students that would be beneficial for the campus placements.  

The role oriented program transforms the trainees to a professional as per the industry quality standards. The current state of most of the candidates is that they resist for the changes and do not capitalize on the opportunities. We at STPL have specialized trainers who would break this resistance and would facilitate the complete transformation of an individual to realize his capability and enhance his skills so that they would enrich their career and have better job prospects.