Information Technology Career Opportunities & Progression (ITCOP)

Key Objective

Critical appraisal of opportunities in Information Technology field and definitive guidelines for a progressive career

Target Audience

  • Students from Master of Business Administration (MBA) course

Program Agenda

  • Overview of IT Landscape
  • Current IT Trends
  • Roles for MBA Graduates
  • Employment Opportunities for MBA Graduates
  • IT Company: Representative and Comparative Views
  • IT Company: Organizational and Work Challenges
  • Career Paths for MBA Graduates
  • Individual Q&A + Guidance sessions

Program Highlights

  • Innovative (first of its kind in India) program that provides definitive intelligence and insights to gain the right employment & succeed in career
  • The Program will be conducted by Specialists from Information Technology and related industries, having graduation/post-graduation degrees from premier institutes and decades of world-class experience
  • High practical value


  • Introduction to scope and complexity of IT solutions and latest trends
  • Gain qualified and insightful information on IT employment opportunities and employers as applicable to MBA students
  • Able to identify Information Technology roles as per interest and preferences to pursue career opportunities and aspirations
  • Gain essential inputs to face employment interviews confidently
  • Work assertively after joining an organization to move up in career via fast-track


This program is estimated to take around 16 training-hours that include highly interactive lectures, common Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions. Additionally, individual Q&A/guidance sessions can be held on demand 

Program Guide

Team of Senior IT Specialists

Why ITCOP Program is required for MBA Students?

  • Information Technology (IT) sector is a major employment creation engine in India. IT jobs are not limited to IT services companies. Students from all disciplines and MBA qualification seek employment with IT companies or companies offering IT roles.
  • As of today, IT has penetrated all aspects of human engagements by creating umpteen types of hardware, software and solutions. Hence, IT is a vast and complex to understand for a student and make decisions about career and higher studies
  • IT organizations are also seeking MBA students with specific attitude, aptitude and skills-set to offer employment in given area and for a given role
  • This has created complex employment scenario where we have many organizations trying to recruit many, many students for many roles in many IT areas. This results in a complex mapping process for a student to resolve on his/her own
  • In this context, ITCOP Program will function as the key to solve the maze of employment opportunities in IT areas.
  • IT Industry will get right candidates as employees who are really interested in their work
  • The MBA Institute increases its brand image for conducting value added programs and providing an option for students to seek qualified and insightful guidance

 What next after ITCOP?

  • We can provide continuous or on-demand support to students in the areas required to gain employment or take-up higher studies
  • We can conduct custom made opportunity oriented programs and support students to gain employment and guide to chart out an appropriate career path
  • We can coordinate/liaison with one or more companies to facilitate employment opportunities for a category of students. For example if a group of students looking for placement in Finance area then we can coordinate with companies with opportunities in Finance
  • We have tie-ups with Personnel and Recruitment Advisors who will provide additional support on demand
  • We can provide detail and specialized programs on IT areas