Letter from the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer



Prahlad K Hanumanthaiah

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

 +91 9900049591



Age of rebuild: Let's employ Information Technology (IT) to rejuvenate each and every person and function

Clearly, present times is new and unique as

  • An atheist and rational wanting to believe in a purpose that is higher than known facts and expressed thoughts. A believer and religious is becoming more and more an enquirer of existence and purpose
  • Communism was defeated by capitalism and eventually collapsed by its own diseases and weaknesses
  • The promise of high technology was diluted by enormous and complex challenges of the societies
  • Grave challenges in realizing our aspirations have turned in to greatest opportunities shaping our lives and future
  • Known relationships that supported life and promised beautiful future have dissipated without a trace while unexpected but inherent connections have sustained interest and gave meaning to life and defined its purpose

I have neither read nor experienced or I can imagine a time that is as unique as we are going through now. Hence it offers the greatest possible opportunity to celebrate individual spirit and collective capability by providing better solutions and achieving meaningful rewards.

Though nebulous in nature, the forces of the world and their churning process clearly directed towards rebuild of everything that constitutes life and society. This state of rebuild offers us the greatest opportunity to employ IT to shape the life and society in a way that aptly reflects learning's from the past in present with an accent on future.

As a practical way of realizing this agenda, we would like to create IT Products, Trainings and Solutions that helps to rejuvenate each and every person and function. We want to

  • Offer IT services to the sections of people who did not receive it so far and in a way that is useful to them.
  • Employ IT to re-define functions and businesses that are not enabled so far to make them effective and efficient
  • Optimize IT enabled entities through innovation, definitive intelligence and insights to step-up their current capabilities in a big way

We welcome all citizens to engage with us as customers, partners, employees, beneficiaries or any other type of stake holders as per individual needs.