Working Professionals

We at STPL train working professionals to enable them with the required skills to move to the next level.

The role oriented programs is unique and first of its kind of programs and we have specialized trainers who are experts in those roles. These trainers would emphasize and train in various aspects of work management, customer relationship, communication skills, culture awareness, organizational context and latest trends in market pertaining to the specific role. We will also provide detailed trainings on technology with respect to the role, explaining application architecture, technology, techniques, role profile, domain knowledge and delivery processes and standards. These work modules are so comprehensive that at the end of the training, the trainee would be benefitted and they can expect a complete transformation with respect to the skills they possess pertaining to the role that they are trained on.

These courses are completely customizable and based on the needs of the trainees the weight-age will be given to each of the work modules, so that the trainee can get trained only on those skill sets which they need to improvise for enhancing their career growth and move to the next level.

We have expertise in the following areas:

Database Administration (DBA)

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (DW&BI)

Finance and Accounts

Personality Enabling and Transformation (PET) Program